The Standing Man – synopsis

‘What would you do if you saw your drunk stepfather beat the living shit out of your mother? I smashed his head with his half-empty whisky bottle – that’s what I did.’

Bru is 17, and he’s angry. He has always been misunderstood all through his childhood and never really fit in. This Pune-boy with his bold behavior, flippant attitude and candid honesty towards life has always been the black sheep, the oddball, the ugly duckling and a constant victim of mental and physical abuse. He has often been the sty in the eye of society – unwanted it seemed, by those who were closest to him.

The book takes you through his various relationships with his abusive step-father, docile mother, astute shrink and the love of his life. He desperately needs to break this cycle of abuse before it’s too late. But can he?

This is a story of fifteen days. Fifteen days of depression, frustration and anger, peppered with moments of hope that formed his pursuit of freedom. These were fifteen days that turned his life upside down. This is his story…


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