An ode to best friends

You get pushed away, far away from what you call home – your close friends, your family

When you are pursuing a goal that takes most of your time, you’re always absent from the lives of your close ones for long durations for no fault of your own…

Life takes over and all that

Then it suddenly hits you

That gap.

That you’ve seemingly drifted away
Into an empty ocean and the shore is fading away

And then you have one of these spontaneous conversations with your best friend
That has all the ingredients to sum up your 20+ year friendship till now

You speak of an old memory that triggered, triggers and will trigger laughter for as long as you two know each other

You speak of the significant others in your life

You speak of ridiculously disgusting guy things

You bring up the dirt you have on each other
Because that’s what your friendship has been based on – a mutual collection of dirt

Then you make these fantastic plans
Which you know will never really work out

But still have so much power

And then you’re immediately pulled back to shore by the memories that become the bonds of affection.

To my best friend, who is going through a rough time. Here’s some dirt for you free of cost.


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