Nothing Beats Reality

What if

The sweetest kiss you’ve had is one you haven’t yet tasted

You don’t really know love yet because you haven’t felt the full force of heartbreak

Your most meaningful conversation has not been deep and soul-satisfying

You are not alone in the fear you fear the most

What if

The dream you deny is the one that will come true

The pain you’ve felt is far from strongest pain you can feel

‘Hope is not a dangerous thing but a good thing that never dies’

Your thirst for the extraordinary has shadowed you from the beauty in the mundane

You think that

Hello only ends in goodbye

A drag always ends in addiction

A sip always ends in affliction

But what if you’re wrong…

What if life lies in between the two extremes and you are missing out?

Because nothing beats reality.


Thank you Sixto Rodriguez & Andy Dufresne


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